Bhiwandi Surrounding Notified Area

Bhiwandi Surrounding Notified Area

A. Origin & Need :

The Regional Plan for Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) prepared by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Planning Board (MMRPB) came into force in 1973. MMRDA was constituted in 1975 under the MMRDA Act, 1974 to plan, develop and co-ordinate activities in MMR. MMRDA is the nodal agency for the orderly development of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
The Bhiwandi Surrounding Notified Area (BSNA) consists of 60 villages surrounding the municipal boundary of Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation (BNCMC). Post Independence of India followed by rapid development of cotton industry, Bhiwandi became the leading producer and supplier of cotton cloth in the country. In addition, due to its proximity to Mumbai and Thane and availability of cheap land or rent, godowns and warehouses started developing along the old Agra road. The Rail connection between Vasai and Diva serving Bhiwandi also promoted the growth of godowns/warehouses in Bhiwandi and BSNA. Therefore, due to BSNA's highly commercial potential in terms of being a hub for logistics, warehousing and industries, combined with its proximity to Thane & Mumbai and connectivity through major corridors, it was necessary to ensure a planned development of this region.

B. Appointment of MMRDA as Special Planning Authority (SPA) :

The Govt. of Maharashtra by its Notification dated 17th March, 2007   (Published in Govt. Gazette on 19th April, 2007) appointed MMRDA as ‘Special Planning Authority' (SPA) for Bhiwandi Surrounding Notified Area (BSNA) which includes the area of 51 villages (revised 60 villages) from Bhiwandi Taluka of Thane Dist. Being SPA for BSNA, MMRDA has prepared and submitted the Draft Development Plan to Government for sanction on 21st December, 2012 u/s 30 (1) of the Act.

Project Features

A. Land AreaBSNA consisting of 60 villages admeasures approximately 144 Sq. km.

B. LocationBSNA is strategically located due to its proximity to Mumbai & Thane. It is bounded by natural features like rivers, creeks, hills and ridges on all sides.

C. Linkages : BSNA has good road linkages with the major settlements through National Highways and State Highways. The major nearest railway stations for BSNA are Kalyan and Bhiwandi.

Details of Project

A. Sanctioned Development Plan for BSNA :

  1. The Draft Development Plan under section 26(4) of the MR & TP Act, 1966 was published on 28th December 2011 inviting suggestions and objections from public within a period of 30 days from the date of publication.
  2. Following the hearings of suggestions and objections by the Planning Committee, and on the basis of the Planning Committee's Report dated 29th August 2012, the corrected/amended Draft Development Plan was published under section 28(4) of the MR & TP Act, 1966.
  3. The Draft Development Plan prepared after following all statutory procedure stipulated under the MR&TP Act, 1966 was submitted to the Government for sanction on 21st Dec., 2012 u/s of 30 (1) of the Act. The Government by its Notification no. TPS.1212/1699/C.R. No.127/2013/UD-12, dt.11th March, 2015 (published in Maharashtra Govt. Gazette on 13th March, 2015) has sanctioned the Development Plan for this Notified Area and some part has been republished as Excluded Parts (EP) for inviting suggestions and objections from the public in accordance with section 31 of MR&TP Act, 1966. Further, the Government by its Notification No. TPS-1216/1169/C.R.162/16/UD-12, dated 4th November, 2016, No. TPB. 1216/1169/CR-162/16/UD-12, 10th March, 2017   No. TPS. 1216/2874/CR-366/16/UD-12, dated 24th March, 2017   and subsequent Corrigendum vide Notification No. TPS-1216/1169/ C.R.162/16/UD-12, dated 13th June, 2017  

B. Landuse & Zoning :

Considering the existing built-fabric of BSNA and its characteristics, the major zones in this SPA are Residential Zone, Commercial Zone, Industrial Zone, No Development Zone. Further, taking the fundamental aspect of BSNA's characteristic as being that of a hub for Logistics, warehousing and Industries, an entirely new zone called Transport Hub & Logistics Park Zone has been introduced in the development plan for BSNA to promote large scale developments of Warehousing, Storage, Logistics and Industries.

C. FSI :

In BSNA, the Base FSI permitted for all developable zones for Plot Size upto 1000 Sq.m. is 1.00 while for Plot Size above 1000 Sq.m. is 0.95 unless specified otherwise in the sanctioned DCR. In addition to this, the details of FSI, additional FSI by payment of Premium & TDR are as given in Table 12 of the DCR.

D. Development Permission :

Any person who intends to carry out development and erect/re-erect or make alterations in any place in a building or demolish ay building is required to make an application to MMRDA in the format given in the Handbook for Development Permissions in SPA areas of MMRDA accompanied by all requisite documents, bonds, undertakings, NOC's, Plans, etc. MMRDA scrutinized the proposal in accordance with the applicable rules/regulations and statutes of the Sanctioned DCRs. Upon completion of scrutiny, MMRDA grants/refuses the development proposal by giving the reasons for such refusal in writing.

E. Infrastructure Development :

MMRDA is executing works such as construction of roads, fly-overs and bridges along with the proposed Metro Rail line and proposed Multi-modal Corridor.
1. List of Notices/Notifications/Maps/DCR Sanctioned u/s 31 (Dt. 04/11/2016): 
2. List of Notices/Notifications/Maps/DCR Sanctioned/Published u/s 31 (Dt. 11/03/2015) : 
3. List of Notices/Maps/DCR Published u/s 28(4) (Dt. 20/12/2012) : 
4. List of Notices/Notifications/Maps/DCR/Report Published u/s 26 (Dt. 28/12/2011) : 
5. "List of Clear Development Plan Sheets of BSNA for easy understanding of Sanctioned SM and EP Maps"  

Present Status

Rapid development is being observed in BSNA with the major developments occurring along the existing State & National Highways with the villages of Kalher and Kasheli predominantly showing Residential development, while Villages such as Rahanal, Gundavli, Dapode, Dive-Anjur, Val showing predominantly Industrial & Commercial developments. Villages of Khoni, Kambe, Katai, Shelar are largely Industrial in nature with the predominant industry being that of Powerlooms. Large warehousing is observed along the Nashik Highway in villages Pimplas, Sonale, Dhamangaon and Vadpe.

MMRDA has issued 179 development permissions in this area.