Comprehensive Transport Study (CTS)

Comprehensive Transport Study (CTS)

  • To improve the traffic and transportation facilities in Mumbai metropolitan region (MMR) MMRDA, under Mumbai Urban Transport Project (MUTP) and with the technical assistance of World Bank completed Comprehensive study and Business plan in July, 2008.
  • In the last decade, after the completion of CTS (2005-08) the MMR has seen major and remarkable development such Draft Regional Plan (2016-36), development plan of MCGM, MbPTs proposed development, Thane & Kalyan Growth Center, changes in the alignments of metro/mono highway. While preparation of DPRs, Wadala Notified Area etc.
  • All these developments have major impact on the Transportation network as Recommended in earlier CTS 2005-08. In order to be in response of these developments, there was a need to update the CTS 2005-08.
  • In view of the above, to enhance the traffic and transportation system of MMR Authority in its 252nd Executive Committee meeting and accorded approval for appointment of M/s.LEA Associate South Asia Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, India & LEA international Ltd. Canada for the work of Updation of Comprehensive Transportation Study for Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). As a part of study, consultant has recommended transport & traffic recommendation for horizon year 2041 (Long Term), 2031 (Mid Term) & 2026 (Short Term) respectively. Consultant has submitted the final report and the same has been approved in authority meeting held on 16th November, 2021.

In this study, consultant have given following recommendation for the improvement of MMR Traffic and transportation study scenario.

  • 487 Km of metro
  • 292 Km of suburban
  • 1090 Km of highway
  • 5.60 Km of bus Rapid Transit System/Dedicated bus lane
  • 4 state bus terminals
  • 13 introcity bus terminals
  • 5 Intercity rail terminals
  • 7 multimodal hubs
  • 5 major truck terminals
  • 14 mini truck terminal and 24 water transport terminal.

On implementation of above recommendation, traffic & transportation condition of MMR will be improved. Further it is recommenced that there will be need of approx Rs. 5.01 lakh Cr. Investment for implementation of these recommendations.

Project Features

Following are the objectives of the study :
  1. Identify travel pattern of residents of MMR.
  2. Select, develop and operationalize an Urban Transport Planning model using state-of-the-art modeling techniques and software package, appropriate to the conditions and planning needs of MMR.
  3. Assess the relevance of the 1994 strategy, identify the consequences of pursuing alternative transport strategies, and recommend/update a long-term comprehensive transport strategy for MMR.
  4. Identify for all modes a phased program of appropriate and affordable investments and policy proposals up to 2016; and
  5. Help strengthen transport planning skills, and transfer all data, planning model/tools and knowledge obtained through the study to MMRDA and other agencies such as Mumbai Rail Vikas Corporation (MRVC), City & Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM).
In this study, required short term, medium and Long term transport infrastructure for year 2016, 2021 and 2031 respectively is recommended. Following are the CTS recommendations by year 2031 :
  • Development of the prevailing mass transit system & road network.
  • Proposed 435 kms Metro network, 1740 kms Highway network and 248 kms suburban railway network by 2031.
  • Assist in establishment of Unified Mumbai Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMMTA).
  • Updation of the schemes in MMR and development plan of the Urban Local Bodies (ULB) based on Transportation Strategy.
As per CTS recommendation, it is proposed to implement the 435 kms Metro network, 1740 kms Highway network and 248 kms suburban railway network by 2031 in a planned and phased manner as per availability of fund.

Present Status

  1. All Corporations/ ULB's in MMR have been suggested through UMMTA to incorporate the CTS recommendations in their respective Development Plan. The task of incorporation of these recommendations in Regional plan of MMR is in process.
  2. The process for appointment of consultant to update the CTS is in progress.