Development of Bandra Kurla Complex

Development of Bandra Kurla Complex

Bandra-Kurla Complex is being developed to help arrest further concentration of offices and commercial activities in South Mumbai. It provides suitable plots for financial services, information technology and other ancillary services in the Bandra-Kurla Complex.
In 1977, the MMRDA was appointed as the Special Planning Authority for planning and development of this complex. It covers 370 ha. area of once low-lying land on either side of the Mithi River, Vakola Nalla and Mahim Creek. The area had poor surface drainage and was severely affected by pollution in the Mahim Creek. The channelization of 6.0 Km of the length of the Mithi River from Mahim causeway to CST Road Bridge and its tributary Vakolla Nalla was undertaken since 1980's to improve water carrying capacity and reduce pollution. Following the floods of 2005, further widening and deepening took place along with improvement of bed gradient.

Project Features

Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) is one of the key areas for which MMRDA is the "Special Planning Authority". Today, the complex enjoys a status that is similar to that of Nariman Point. The complex is already providing more than two lakh jobs and is a perfect solution to absorb future growth of offices and commercial activities successfully. The complex has showcased tremendous growth in the changing times and the development of 'E' block is noteworthy.
The Authority has developed 19 hectares of land with the presence of prominent institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Provident Fund and many other corporate and commercial establishments. Together, these buildings offer an office space as large as 1,17,000 sq. mtrs., potential enough to accommodate thousands of jobs. This meticulously planned complex also showcases a City Park which is regularly thronged with people.
Currently, the BKC also hosts 30 kilometers cycle track and corporate headquarters of MNCs. Several companies operate from BKC. The complex has staff quarters, club, 5 Star Hotels, Convention Complex, Diamond Bourse and hospitals apart from offices.

Present Status

MMRDA has so far developed 19 ha. of land in "E" block, where a number of office buildings have been constructed. An Urban Plaza and City Park is developed in "E" block.
The development permission for 33 cases and NOC for Occupation Certificate for 16 cases and interior permissions for 284 cases were issued during the reporting year. Details are given in following table.
Block Excavation/Temp. permission Revalidation of CC CC up to Plinth CC above plinth Amended CC OC Addition & Alteration Interiors
E     Drive-in Theatre (DIT)   R13 (MMRDA's NAMTRI) R13 (MMRDA's NAMTRI)  

Maker Maxity (DIT) 7 premises

          R7 & 8 (IOCL)      
F           Kasegoan Soc (For Wing-B School)    
G C-64 (C &EC) In principal approval C-69 A&B (ONGC) C-41 to 43 (Income Tax) C-63 (INS) up to12th floor C-38 & 39 (Parinee) 20th floor C-14 (Canara) C-27 (Kotak)

C-38 & 39 (Parinee) 3 premises

  RG 1-A (RIL) Tata Colony SF-3 (TPCL) R4C (Income Tax) for wing-B C-70 (Raghuleela) 17th floor SF-2 (Asian Heart) C-31 & 32 (Naman) C-70 (Raghuleela) 23 premises
    C-68 (Jet) SF-6 (Taleem) R1.4 (Sterlight) C-5 (Food court) C-50 (IOCL)   C-30 (Raheja) Food
    C-40 (ICAI) C-70 (Raghuleela) Ground floor C-35A (CBI) up to 6th floor   C-9 (PNB)   C-28 (BDB) 245 premises
    RG 1.1 C-70 (Raghuleela) 19th floor C-66 (RIL) up to 4th floor   C-46 (Insurance)   C-54 & 55 (Earnest) 1 premise
    RG 1.2 & 1.3 C-68 (Jet) C-66 (RIL) up to 13th floor   C-40 (ICAI)   C-31 & 32 (Naman) 2 premises
      C-35A (CBI) C-66 (RIL) up to 20th floor   C-70 (Raghuleela) part OC up to 18th floor   C-14 (Canara)
      C-77 (IOCL Petrol Pump) C-35A (CBI) up to 8th floor   C-70 (Raghuleela) part OC up to 15th floor   C-53 (TCG) 1 premise
        C-38 & 39 (Parinee) 20th floor   C-70 (Raghuleela) part OC up to 17th floor    
        SF-6 (Taleem)   C-53 (TCG)    
        R1.1 (17th floor)   C-54 & 55 (Earnest)    
A           Bombay Art    
Total 2 6 9 11 5 14 2 284
Grand Total 33 16 284
In the reporting year 2012-13 following development charges & Premium is collected while issuing the development permissions.
1) Development Charges Rs. 53,85,14,554/-
2) Additional Basement Premiums Rs. 9,86,52,932/-
3) Lease premium received from allotment of addl. Built up area in 'G' Block Rs. 660,33,33,116/-
4)Premium of extension given to building Completion Rs. 63,44,81,056/-
5)Miscellaneous Premium (Deposit/Scrutiny fee/Penalty/Staircase/Premium/Balcony Extn / Colum Extn) Rs. 192,11,92,940/-