Development of Growth Centre

Development of Growth Centre

Urbanization is increasing rapidly in regions adjoining the Municipal Corporations and Councils in Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). In order to have homogenous development in the areas adjoining these ULBs and to achieve proper planned and balanced development of MMR, MMRDA has decided to develop certain Growth Centers; considering the development ability of areas. MMRDA has appointed M/s Lea Associates as a consultant and has undertaken the work of preparation of Geographical and Transportation Plan.

Project Features

Established in 1975, MMRDA has been planning and coordinating Regional Development of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. The Government of Maharashtra has already sanctioned the Regional Plan (1996 – 2011) of MMR; prepared by MMRDA. The plan provided a strategic framework for MMR's sustainable growth. Since its inception, MMRDA is engaged in long term planning, promotion of new Growth Centers and financing basic infrastructure development.
  •  In the 126th Authority meeting of MMRDA, held on 9th Feb 2010, budget provision of Rs. 50 Crores is made for the year 2010-11; first time for Growth Centers.
  •  In the 128th Authority meeting of MMRDA, held on 18th Jan, 2011, budget provision of Rs. 50 Crores is made for the year 2011-12 for development of Growth Centers.

Details of Project

These Growth Centers shall be in close proximity with the MMRDA's proposed transportation network of Multi Modal Corridor, Metrorail and Monorail. Development of these Growth Centers will lead to balanced development and urbanization of region to achieve overall economic growth. In view of same, 12 locations at Taluka Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Ambarnath and Panvel of Thane and Raigad District are identified, from which it is proposed to develop 3 locations in first phase. The tasks for the year includes surveys, Data Collection, land acquisition of private lands, appointment of employees/contractor/ consultant, providing protection for lands within these Growth Centers vested with MMRDA & Govt. and providing basic infrastructure facilities, etc.

Present Status

Till date Authority has identified 12 locations for development with priorities decided therein. The detailed draft proposal is prepared for total 3 Growth Centers (i.e. 2 in Kalyan and 1 in Bhiwandi). The main locations in these centers are selected taking into consideration the various projects of MMRDA; viz. MMR's Geographical and Transportation Plan, Multi-Modal Corridor, Metrorail, Monorail, Megacity, Rental Housing Scheme, Proposal by SPA, Solid Waste Disposal etc. MMRDA has requested Revenue Dept, GoM for transfer of Govt. lands to MMRDA and requested Urban Development Dept, GoM for appointment of MMRDA as SPA for Greenfield Growth Areas. Also the study of Land Acquisition for Growth Centers and Development model (Land Acquisition Model, TDR Model, FSI Model) is in process.

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