Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

MMRDA views Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system as a way to integrate data and processes of the organization into one single system with a modular software application. The ERP will integrate all divisions and their processes to increase efficiency and reduce complexity of business processes. A successful ERP system would ultimately provide the tools needed to give decision-makers seamless access to MMRDA data; and allow the MMRDA officials to make better use of the data, at their fingertips.
The ERP based e-Governance MMRDA project has been envisaged with the following objectives in mind :
  • Redesign processes for infusion of transparency and accountability in operations
  • Enhancement to the quality of services provided to citizens
  • Faster processing, monitoring and redressal of public cases / appeals / grievances with service levels
  • Dissemination of information as per public requirement
  • Establish a real-time MIS system for and efficient decision making

Project Features

ERP is envisaged to improve the internal workflow, standardization and elimination of data redundancy. The ease of decision-making through intuitive dashboards will increase productivity and automate the citizen and business services. The modules within ERP comprises of Project Management, Real Estate Management, Land Management, Human Resource and Payroll Management, and financial management.

Present Status

MMRDA has issued Expression of Interest and has received encouraging participation of 8 bidders. MMRDA is in process of preparing RFP for the same.