Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS)

MMRDA envisages aligning and achieving Government of India- Digital India Campaign's objective, of leveraging GIS for decision support systems & development.
MMRDA envisages setting up of Regional Information System (RIS) as mandated under MMRDA Act, with the first step of provisioning Enterprise GIS, Data Survey, Collection, Standardization of Digital Maps and information etc. MMRDA being a planning and development authority dealing with Regional Plans, SPA areas, enabling functions and services on GIS platform for Citizens and effective decision making process will not only be futuristic but will also help MMRDA to align to GOI's Digital India Campaign.
To the same effect, MMRDA issued an EOI (Expression of Interest) for Implementation of "Enterprise Web GIS Solution" through online e-Tendering portal of MMRDA on 6th September 2014 with deadline of submission as 8th October 2014.
GIS can be used for :
  • Preparing a Regional Planning Strategy
  • Developing Development Plan for SPAs, Eco-Sensitive Zones, Growth Centers within MMR
  • Evaluating environmental, heritage compliance
  • Analyze Employment, location specific activities and population migration
  • Location based Building Plan Approval
  • Cadastral Data Management within MMR (Total 1000 Villages)
  • Multi-modal Transportation Planning
  • Urban Housing & Slum Rehabilitation Planning
  • Resettlement & Rehabilitation Planning
  • Water Resource Supply Planning & Management
  • Solid Waste Disposal Site Planning
  • Engineering & Construction Project Management

Project Features

The features of GIS include :
  • Building a shared GIS database and RIS (Regional Information System) available to all divisions/departments
  • Providing better access to locational information for decision-making
  • Improving communication and cooperation between divisions/departments
  • Increasing efficiency in current ULB operations
  • Providing analytical mapping capabilities
  • Automating and standardizing records management for map and MIS data
  • Creation of Geo-Spatial 3D data with complete asset & utility mapping of the area of interest for both surface and sub-surface

Present Status

The EOI had been issued on 6th September 2014, further to which the bids were opened on 3rd December 2014. Currently the scrutiny of bids is under process.