Lands & Estate Cell

Lands & Estate Cell

Handling all works relating to acquisition for various projects, protections of asset management of MMRDA.

Functions of Division

  1. Acquisition of land for MMRDA projects.
  2. Coordination with government offices for land related work.
  3. Execution of lease deed of the allotted land, Execution of agreement to lease /lessee deed and grant permission NOC as per the provisions of the agreement.
  4. Allotment of land on temporary basis for Exhibition RMC plant, casting yard, site office, Godownetc.
  5. Measurement of land,Possession of land and Protection of land from encroachment.
  6. To make required arrangements for protection of assets. 
  7. Removal of un-authorised construction after completion of MRTP procedure by T&CP division of MMRDA. 
  8. Removed of structure affected by MMRDA project after completion of due process by Rehabilitation and Re-settlement division.
  9. Appointment of Agencies for protection of Land & Estate of MMRDA.

Project List

Coordination with government offices for projects, land transfers, demarcation, demolition of affected structure,and acquisition of land required for projects, coordination with land owner and other concern Authorities etc.

Unauthorized Construction's

Following is the list of action taken on Unauthorized Construction's -
Following are the documents published on this web site in respect of the action taken on unauthorized construction in Kalyan Growth Centre Area of 10 Villages & Bhiwandi Surrounding Notified Area of 60 Villages -
Demolition Images of Unauthorized Construction-from the Lands & Estates Cell, MMRDA -