Marine Drive

Marine Drive

The project aims at strengthening Mumbai's image as an emerging globally competitive city. Along with the other developments planned for the city by the MMRDA, an area of prime concern was the Marine Drive stretch. This is one of the longest man made promenades by the Arabian sea which Mumbaikars frequent, not to mention the tourists who travel from other parts of India and the world to take a breathtaking view of the large expanse of the sea. It is a place where the rich and poor alike stroll along the promenade, each with their own agenda which ranges from just from seeing the sunset, to day dreaming, to relax, to enjoy, to be in solitude or with friends, etc.
MMRDA's objective for the Marine Drive Project was to refurbish and revamp Marine Drive as an important public place through improvements based on an integrated design approach involving planning, designing and conservation inputs for convenient and efficient pedestrian movement, provisions of parking spaces, railings, paving, landscape, street furniture and signage and other measures required to conserve and enhance the Art Deco character of this waterfront. The assignment included preparation of refurbishment strategy and a physical plan, design of individual elements, and provision of services required for its implementation and supervision of work during the execution of the project.

Project Features

The Refurbishment of Marine Drive goes beyond the practical provision of mere beautification of the environment and creates a landscape that satisfies the citizen's deep desire for a sense of place while responding to the cultural and historical significance of the city of Mumbai. Therefore, the master plan is targeted at enhancing the user experience with contextually sensitive yet minimally invasive design interventions.
The design elements were derived from conclusions of several exhaustive studies aimed at understanding the environmental impact, socio-cultural behavior, circulation / movement pattern and varied stakeholder interests.

Details of Project

The first phase of The Refurbishment of Marine Drive was completed in the year 2007 as per the original plans of the project, with the exception of a few designed spaces that were left out of the Phase - I package. MMRDA subsequently handed over the project to Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai to complete the balance work. Phase - I has constructed the essential infrastructure that Marine Drive required to introduce a world class waterfront experience to the citizens of Mumbai.

Figure 1: Phase - I executed works

The Phase - II proposal involves additional experiential and neighborhood impacting spaces. It also aspires to establish a generous relationship of the users with the waterfront by improving both the visual and physical connectivity, thus making it accessible.

Figure 2: Phase - II works to be undertaken


Present Status

MMRDA has completed Phase – I for the Refurbishment of the Marine Drive Project. The Phase – II of the project is supposed to be undertaken at present. The approximate cost of total works under Phase – II is Rs. 78.24 crore
The appointment of Consultant for the Phase- II of Refurbishment of Marine Drive is currently in process.

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