Megacity Scheme

Megacity Scheme

Mumbai was one of the five cities included in the centrally sponsored Mega City Scheme launched by the Government of India in the Eighth Five Year Plan. The Scheme aimed to prepare the local governments to use institutional finance and eventually market instruments like municipal bonds for the capital investment requirements. Of the total project cost, the Government of India and the State Government provided 25% each and the remaining 50% was to be raised from financial institutions by the implementing agencies. The Scheme for Mumbai was being implemented in the urban core of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). The areas covered under the scheme are Brihanmumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Bhiwandi-Nizampur and Kalyan-Dombivali.
The MMRDA is the nodal agency as well as one of the implementing agencies of the Scheme. The other implementing agencies are MCGM, MSRDC, BEST, CIDCO, TMC, KDMC, BNMC and NMMC. Mega City Scheme Revolving Fund (MCSRF) has been set up in the MMRDA for channelising funds received from GOI and GOM. A State level Sanctioning Committee approves the projects under the Scheme. The Scheme has been implemented during the 8th, 9th and 10th Five year Plan periods. It is discontinued in the 11th plan. In all, 65 projects costing Rs. 1777.84 crores including 2 studies costing Rs. 1.62 crores were approved by 2004-05. Rs. 921.87 crores have been received by the Mumbai Megacity Scheme from GOI and GOM, out of which Rs. 910.79 crores have been disbursed till January, 2013 to the various implementing agencies towards the approved projects. From the repayment of soft loans extended to 65 projects, the Megacity Scheme Revolving Fund Scheme is established and with a set of regulation approved by the SLSC and GOI, financing of new projects started.
Under the new MCS-RF scheme infrastructure projects by the Municipal Corporation and infrastructure agencies are being provided loan @ 10% per annum and the Municipal council being provided loan @ 7% per annum. So far Rs. 325.73 crores is sanctioned for the Underground Sewerage projects of three agencies, out of which Rs. 210.90 crores has been disbursed till June, 2013.
Sr. No. Name of the Project Implementing agency
1. MCGM-old work MCGM
2. Street Lighting BEST
3. Land Development at Kharghar CIDCO
4. Road Bridge at Airoli CIDCO
5. Palm Beach Road CIDCO
6. Underpass at Vashi Node CIDCO
7. Sanitation Programme NMMC
8. Street Lighting NMMC
9. Road Works NMMC
10. Kalwa Bridge TMC
11. Street lighting TMC
12. Shopping Complex cum Town Hall KDMC
13. Sports Complex KDMC
14. Diesel Crematorium KDMC
15. ROB on Kalyan Shil Patri Pool KDMC
16. Strom Water Drainage - King's Circle & Postal Colony MCGM
17. Construction  and Widening of Roads MCGM
18. Storm Water Drainage MCGM
19. Construction of Bridges, R.O.B and a Subway MCGM
20. Construction of five pedestrian subways on Highways MSRDC
21. Underpass at Kharghar CIDCO
22. ROB at Khandeshwar (Part-I) CIDCO
23. Distribution of Water Supply to Khargher Node CIDCO
24. Swerage system for Kharghar  Node CIDCO
25. ROB at Khandheshwar (Part-II) CIDCO
26. Palm Beach Marg (Additional Works) CIDCO
27. Underpasses at Vashi (Increased cost) CIDCO
28. Toilet Complexes NMMC
29. Construction  of Gutters NMMC
30. Laying of Sewer lines NMMC
31. Construction of Roads NMMC
32. Street lighting NMMC
33. 100 mld Water Supply Scheme (Part-I) TMC
34. Construction of Vegetable market TMC
35. 100 mld Water Supply Scheme (Part-II) TMC
36. Water Supply Distribution System Phase-I TMC
37. Multi storied pay and park at Kalyan Station KDMC
38. Const. of FOB & Rickshaw stand near station - Dombivali KDMC
39. Shopping Complex cum Town Hall (increased cost) KDMC
40. Improving Capacity of Pumping Station at Kalyan KDMC
41. Augmentation of Mandwa-Titwala Water Supply Scheme KDMC
42. Const. of continous approaches & R.O.B on Kalyan Badlapur Rd. KDMC
43. Strom Water Drains in Mumbai MCGM
44. Construction of Bridges, ROBs and FOBs in Mumbai MCGM
45. Roads & C.C. Roads  (25 Nos.) MCGM
46. Bridges  (6 Nos.) MCGM
47. Hydrolic Engineering  (1 No.) MCGM
48. Swerage Projects  (1 No.) MCGM
49. Water Supply   (1 No.) MCGM
50. Mechanised Slaughter House BNMC
51. ROB at Kalyan Naka, Bhiwandi BNMC
52. ROB near Sanpada Carshed (Part-I) CIDCO
53. ROB near Sanpada Carshed (Part-II) CIDCO
54. ROB at Belapur end of Sea-Wood Rly. Stn. CIDCO
55. Water Supply Distribution System Phase-II TMC
56. Remodelling of Thane station area TMC
57. Concretisation of Roads TMC
58. Eastern Freeway MMRDA
59. Techno-economic Feasibility of MUIP MMRDA
60. Detailed Eng. of Eastern Freeway (excl.APLR) (Part-I&II) MMRDA
61. Main Linking Road MMRDA
62. Widening and Construction of Western Express Highway MMRDA
63. Widening and Construction of Eastern Express Highway MMRDA
64. Laying  of Water Mains along MUIP Roads MMRDA
65. Laying  of Swer Lines along MUIP Roads MMRDA
Sr. No. Name of the Project Implementing agency
1. Underground Sewerage Project MBMC
2. Underground Sewerage Project Phase - I BNCMC
3. Underground Sewerage Project KBMC

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