Milan Rail Over Bridge

Milan Rail Over Bridge

The construction of a rail over bridge at Milan Subway, Santacruz, has been undertaken to provide East-West connectivity and a solution to the perennial problem arising during every monsoon due to flooding. This bridge is 700 meter long and provides for a slip road and underpass on WEH.
The layout of the project is as follows–
  • A rail over bridge from Santacruz, S.V.Road to WEH
  • Widening of Milan subway
  • Vehicular underpass on WEH
  • Launching of 61 meter long span and steel structure during the traffic blocks made available by Railway Authorities.
  • Construction of steel super structure for launching of Railway steel structure.
This bridge was opened to traffic after Hon'ble Chief Minister inaugurated it on 24/5/2013.

Project Features

1. Project length: 1400 mtrs. With 27.45 mtr. Width
2. Bridge Portion: 700 m ( 2+2 lanes) including the 61m span across the Western Railway.
3. The remaining length is the road work including jurisdiction of MCGM
4.The project offers the following benefits:
  • Direct connectivity to East and West from S.V. Road to Western Express Highway by a bridge over the Western Railway tracks
  • Reduction in present traffic congestion
  • Uninterrupted access over flooded Milan Subway during Monsoon

Details of Project

Project Details:
The Milan Subway at Santacruz gets flooded frequently during the rainy season causing great difficulty to commuters. Milan Subway is one of the vital East-West road connectivity below the Western Railway Tracks. Besides that, it is narrow & causes traffic congestion in the locality.
Keeping in mind this need of the hour, MMRDA took up the work of Milan Rail Over Bridge at Milan Subway Santacruz under the Mumbai Urban Infrastructure Project (MUIP).
Project Cost: Rs.83 Cr.
Project Scope:
  • Construction of a 61m Railway span in High Tensile Structural steel as per Railway approved Design and Methodology
  • Construction of the Non Railway portion of the bridge in RCC / Pre-stress Concrete
  • Widening & Construction of approaches & Slip Road on East side
Overcoming the hurdles:
  • Resettlement of over 300 Project Affected Persons (PAPs) / structures
  • Provision of Rehabilitation of the PAPs in the project vicinity itself.
  • Rehabilitation of Religious structures in co-ordination with various agencies viz. MCGM, Police Dept., Trustee board
  • Relocation of utilities viz. Milan Subway LIC Nalla, Sewer Lines, Water supply lines & power cables in co-ordination with MCGM & concerned agencies
  • Traffic diversion during construction
Project - A Technical Challenge
  • The original 40mtr Span PSC superstructure was changed to Longer Span @ 61 m in High Tensile Structural Steel as per requirements of Railway Authorities
  • Design, Fabrication and Launching of @ 61 m Steel Girders
  • Steel girder spans on either sides of Railway portion over which complete assembly of 61 m span was carried
  • The Milan ROB is in the close vicinity of Mumbai Airport. , Statutory restrictions on height of ROB super structure had to be kept in view for designing and erection
  • Design, fabrication and launching of 61 meters plate girder was unprecedented. Fabrication of superstructure especially box type main girders having twin webs with reverse FISHBELLY profile and sub divided in 5 segments was a challenge. Furthermore welding of box girder with 2 x 50 mm top and bottom flanges with 12 x 4.40 m slender web sections was equally cumbersome. However, the work was successfully carried out in a modern fabrication shop under the supervision of expert agencies such as IRS & RITES Ltd
  • Rolling and launching of each of the two carriageway structures were completed in 3 major Power & Traffic blocks

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