Balance works of MCGM's Mumbai-III Water Supply and Sewerage Project
The scheme was originally funded by the World Bank, the balance work of Rs. 190 crores are financed with a loan assistance of Rs. 113.61 crores Based on the expenditure incurred by the MCGM, full amount of loan is disbursed. The repayment has commenced in September, 2001 and the MCGM has paid Rs. 212.00 crores till June, 2013 on account of loan repayment and interest.
MCGM's Mumbai-IIIA Water Supply Project
This is a project for bringing an additional 355 mld of water from Bhatsa at an estimated cost of Rs. 561.71 crores The Phase-I works costing Rs. 373.23 crores are being financed by MMRDA with a loan assistance of Rs. 223.94 crores Full loan amount is released and loan repayment has commenced from September, 2007 and the MCGM has paid Rs. 120.32 crores in June, 2013 on account of loan repayment and interest.
Bulk Works of Vasai-Virar Water Supply Scheme 'Surya' (Stage-I)
MMRDA is providing Rs. 208.19 crores as loan assistance to MJP towards the GIA and loan to 4 Municipal Councils in the Vasai-Virar area (now Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation). Under this, 100 mld water taken from Maswan will be treated and brought to the MBR at Virar and distribution system will be designed. The works are being executed by the MJP. Now the total project cost has reduced to Rs. 178.86 crores with respect to earlier project cost of Rs. 208.19 crores As a result it brings out the saving of Rs. 29.33 crores to the earlier project cost of Rs. 208.19 crores By the end of June, 2013 an amount of Rs. 174.89 crores is disbursed for the project. Since June, 2006, on behalf of the 4 Municipal Councils, Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation started repayment of loan disbursed by then, loan repayment has commenced from June, 2006 and MMRDA has received Rs. 63.57 crores on account of loan repayment and interest. Thus, MJP has also started the repayment of the loan of Rs. 99.37 crore disbursed to them and has paid Rs. 54.80 crores till June, 2013 on account of loan repayment and interest.
Financing of JNNURM Projects and other Projects
MMRDA has recently approved a loan assistance of Rs. 1334.82 croes to 3 Municipal Corporations, namely, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation - Rs. 634.09 crores, Thane Municipal Corporation - Rs. 408.00 crores and for Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation - Rs. 292.73 crores for the development of infrastructure works approved under UIG Sub-mission of JNNURM as well as for some non-JNNURM projects.
Accordingly, MMRDA has disbursed the loan amount of Rs. 430.13 crores. to Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation, Rs. 258.46 crores has been disbursed to Thane Municipal Corporation and Rs. 244.01 crores to Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation up to June, 2013. Loan repayment has already been commenced by all Corporations and MMRDA has received Rs. 80.53 crores, Rs. 29.00 crores and Rs. 41.73 crores from respective corporations on account of loan repayment and interest till June, 2013.
Integrated Village Development Scheme (IVDS)-2004 to 2013-14
Since 1999, MMRDA has been providing grants for ZPs of Raigad and Thane for the projects under Village Improvement Scheme to improve living conditions and environment of village and connectivity through provision of basic amenities and infrastructure provision. An Integrated Village Development Scheme is adopted since 2004.
Under the Scheme, 109 villages from 10 Talukas of Thane (4) and Raigad (6) district can avail funds up to Rs. 25 lakhs each for execution of works through the respective Z.P's., by 2013-14. Approval for 200 projects from 90 villages with approved cost of Rs. 22.48 crores is already granted to ZP out of which Rs. 18.03 crores has been released till 30.06.13. The details of which are given in the following table:
District Taluka No. of Villages to be funded No. of villages from which proposals have been approved Eligible fund under IVDS No. of Proposals received No. of Approved works Cost of Approved works Amount Released till 30.06.13
Raigad Alibag 10 10 2.50 19 19 2.43 1.66
  Karjat 10 6 2.91 13 6 1.71 1.39
  Khalapur 10 3 2.50 18 3 0.71 0.31
  Panvel 10 10 2.50 18 18 2.38 1.82
  Pen 10 3 2.56 10 6 0.81 0.73
  Uran 10 10 2.50 19 19 2.50 2.05
Total of Raigad (1) 60 42 15.47 97 71 10.53 7.95
Thane Ambernath 10 9 2.50 32 32 2.50 2.19
  Bhiwandi 10 10 2.50 39 39 2.37 1.43
  Kalyan 19 19 4.76 38 37 4.58 4.07
  Vasai 10 10 2.50 21 21 2.50 2.40
Total of Thane (2) 49 48 12.26 130 129 11.95 10.08
Total of Raigad & Thane (1+2) 109 90 27.73 227 200 22.48 18.03

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