Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

Mumbai Trans Harbour Link

The proposed Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (‘MTHL') has been planned to facilitate decongestion of the island city by improving connectivity between Island city and main land (Navi Mumbai) and development of Navi Mumbai Region was envisaged about 30 years back. Itwas planned to build a bridge between Sewri on Mumbai Island and Nhava on the mainland (Navi Mumbai) in order to speed up the traffic between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai and also to facilitate the traffic from Mumbai to Pune and Goa.

Govt. of Maharashtra, vide G.R. dated 4th February 2009, decided that the project will be owned and implemented by Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA). Earlier the project was planned as transport project. Govt. of Maharashtra, vide G.R. dated 8th June 2011, designated the project as Regional Development Project.

Government approval:

The government has decided that the ownership and implementation of this project will be with the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority as per the government decision dated February 4, 2009. It was also directed that funds would be made available by the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority for this project. As mentioned by the Government of Maharashtra in the Government Resolution dated June 08, 2011, Mumbai Trans Harbour Link Project has been given the status of Regional Development Project.

Highlights of the project::

1 Length of bridge The total length is about 21.8 km. That's it. (Sea length about 16.5 km and land length about 5.5 km)
2 The width of the bridge 30.1 m (3+3 lane)
3 ROW Total of 120 m.
4 Lane 6 lane bridge (3+3 lane and 2 Emergency lanes)
5 Proposed Interchanges

1. Interchange at Sewri consists of 8 ramps, 2 ramps connecting Hajibandar road, 4 ramps connecting Mumbai and Navi Mumbai to Eastern Expressway and 2 ramps connecting Sewri-Worli connector.

2. There are 6 ramps in Shivajinagar interchange for connecting CIDCO's proposed coastal road.

3. There are 4 ramps at SH-54, which includes 2 + 2 lanes for connecting Navi Mumbai and JNPT to MTHL.

4. The Mumbai Trans Harbour Link will be connected to the National Highway by 4 ramps (Clover leafs) at NH-348. This place has 4 emergency lanes. This will help in transportation from Mumbai to Goa and Pune and also to JNPT Port.

6 The structure of the bridge Concrete Segment slabs up to 60 m in span length is used for the project. Longer spans are being constructed for the first time in India using steel,Orthotropic Steel Deck (OSD) type technology.
7 Vehicle speed proposed 100 km / h
8 Railway over bridge 2 (at Kharkopar and Jasai in Navi Mumbai)
9 Toll plaza It is proposed to construct a main toll plaza near Gawhan village in Navi Mumbai side. Similarly, construction of 6 small toll plazas is proposed at Shivaji Nagar Interchange.


Scope of the work:

The scope of the project includes construction of a 22 km long, 6-lane bridge. This includes about 16.5km long marine viaduct and 5.5km long viaducts on land on either side. The link has interchanges at Sewri in Mumbai and at Shivaji Nagar, at SH-54 and at Chirle on NH-348 on Navi Mumbai side.

Benefits of the project::

- Development of Navi Mumbai and part of Raigad District
- Faster connectivity with the proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport (NMIA)
- Savings in fuel and commuter's time due to shorter connectivity with Navi Mumbai & Konkan
- The link will help in decongesting Mumbai thereby reducing the pollution.

Project Implementation:

The project is being implemented on Design-Build basis. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has agreed to provide Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan for the project

Present Status

1. JICA carried out preparatory survey for the project for appraising the project for granting loan. The survey included technical study and the Environmental & Social Impact Assessment studies. JICA submitted the Final Report of the survey. JICA has ascertained the total cost of the project to be about Rs.17,843 Crore. The total project cost includes the cost of construction, price escalation, contingencies, land acquisition, administrative costs taxes, and interest during construction etc. JICA would be providing ODA loan up to about 85% of the total cost of the project. Govt. of India has agreed that MMRDA shall be the direct borrower of the ODA loan from JICA. The loan agreement has been signed between JICA and MMRDA on 31st March 2017 and 27th March, 2020. Accordingly, Loan has been effectuated w.e.f. 15/03/2018.

2. The project has received the CRZ clearance on 25th January 2016 and in-principle clearance for diversion of 47.417 ha. of forest land on 22nd January 2016. Similarly, permission to cut the mangroves has been received from Hon. Bombay High Court. Forest department has granted permission to start the work. Permissions/ consents from other authorities / stakeholders (e.g. Railways, National Highway Authority of India, CIDCO, Mumbai Port Trust, Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Maharashtra Maritime Board) have also been received.

3. MMRDA appointed M/s AECOM Asia Company Ltd. - PADECO Co. Ltd. - Dar Al-Handasah - TY Lin International consortium as General Consultant for the MTHL Project in December 2016.

4. The project will be implemented in 3 packages for civil works and 1 package for Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

5. The construction work of MTHL project is divided in 3 Packages. The package wise details are as under.

Type Contract Appointed Contractor Project package cost (Cr.)
1 Package-1(CH 0 to 000Km to CH 10+380Km) M/s. L&T-IHI Consortium 7637.30
2 Package-2(CH 10+380 to CH 18+178Km) M/s DAEWOO-TPL. JV. 5612.61
3 Package-3(CH 18+ 187 to CH 21+800 Km) M/s L & T 1013.79

The Letters of Commencement have been issued to the Contractors for Package-1, Package-2 and Package-3 on 23rd March 2018. The Letter of Acceptance have been issued to the Contractor M/s. Starbag for package-4 ITS on 05th May 2022. The preliminary works related to ITS are in progress.

6. The work of construction pier and segment casting is in progress at site. Also, the work of spans erection is in progress. The work at interchange is in progress. The first orthotropic steel deck was erected on 3rd January, 2022. The similar steel span erection work is in progress at packge-1 and 2 of projects.

7. The project construction period is 4 ½ Years. As such, the project was scheduled to be completed by September 2022. However, due to covid-19 pandemic the planned completion date is September 2023.

Project Progress / Current Status: up to 17th July 2022.

Particular of Work Total Nos. Completed Nos. Physical Progress
Pile Foundation 2046 2046 100%
Open Foundation 334 334 100%
Pile Cap 509 475 93%
Pier 1089 998 92%
Pier Cap 902 790 88%
Precast Segments 10689 8153 76%
Concrete Spans 917 554 60%
OSD Spans 70 15 21%


Total Physical Progress of Project: @ 83%

Total Financial progress of project: @ 83%