Oshiware District Centre (ODC)

Oshiware District Centre (ODC)

A district for serving the needs of Western Suburbs was proposed at Oshiware, on the Western Railway between Jogeshwari and Goregaon Railway Station. The District Center has been planned on 102 ha. site for which Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is a Special Planning Authority. The Planning Proposals for Oshiware District Centre have been approved by Government on 16th January, 1992. In accordance with the implementing policy of the Planning Proposals sanctioned by Government for the Oshiware District Centre, the land are developed by participation of Land Owners method in which the lands are acquired from the land owners at a nominal price of Rs.1/- and the same land are leased to owner for a period of 60 years. In accordance with this policy MMRDA has so far acquired and leased back land admeasuring about 22.39 ha.
On request by developers the Authority in its 98th meeting held on 28th August, 2000 approved the proposal of modification to the sanctioned Planning Proposals to permit residential use upto 50% of FSI of the land included in Core Commercial Zone and Commercial Transformation Zone to be submitted Government approval. The said modification proposal was submitted to Government on 10th October, 2001. Government has sanctioned the said modification on 19th September, 2002.
The Authority in its 119th meeting held on 28th September, 2007 by its Resolution No.1114 has approved the proposal of modification to the rates of lease premium indicated in para 6.5.3 of the sanctioned Planning Proposals for Oshiware District Center. As per Authority decision, the proposal for modification to the rates of lease premium is forwarded to Government on 23rd October, 2007 for sanction. Government sanction is awaited.
The Authority in its 122nd meeting held on 10th September, 2008 by its Resolution No.1161 has approved the proposal to increase the FSI of Commercial (I.D.) Zone and Commercial (Transformation) Zone upto 4.0 and that of Residential Zone, Residential Cum Shopping Zone, Mixed Land use Zone, Social and Cultural Facility Zone and Public Utilities and Services Zone upto 3.0. The proposal for modification is submitted to the Government on 31st July, 2009 for approval. The Authority in its 123rd meeting held on 15th October, 2008 by its Resolution No.1185 has approved to permit 'Commercial' users in 'Mixed Landuse' Zone. The proposal for modification is submitted to the Government on 2nd June, 2009 for approval. Government sanction to both the proposals is awaited. In the reporting year, development permission in one case is issued.
The Slum Rehabilitation Scheme submitted by M/s. Adarsh Industrial Estate, M/s. Textile Processing Corporation & Wonderland Estate Development Pvt. Ltd were approved for rehabilitation of PAP's in O.D.C. The construction of rehabilitation buildings proposed by M/s. Adarsh Industrial Estate is completed and full Occupation Certificate to said buildings has been issued. The construction of all the rehab buildings, except one building proposed by M/s. Textile Process Corporation is completed & O.C has been issued accordingly. The construction work of rehab buildings proposed by M/s. Wonderland Estate Developers Pvt. Ltd. is in progress and part Occupation to the some of the buildings proposed by M/s. Wonderland Estate Developers Pvt. Ltd. has been issued. During this year, lease premium of Rs. 78,47,819/-, development charges of Rs. 1,03,90,821/- and other charges Rs. 8,87,30,781/- is recovered from the applicants in Oshiware District Center before issuing the development permission.

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