Proposed Growth Centre in Kalyan Taluka

Proposed Growth Centre in Kalyan Taluka

A. Origin and Need :

The Govt. of Maharashtra by its Notification dated 9th Aug., 2006 (published in Govt. Gazette on 7th Dec., 2006) appointed MMRDA as ‘Special Planning Authority' for 27 villages from Kalyan and Ambarnath Talukas of Thane District. MMRDA after completing all statutory procedure stipulated under the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act (M.R and T.P.) 1966, submitted the Draft Development Plan to the Government for sanction on 14th Dec. 2012 u/s of 30 (1) of the Act. The Government by its Notification no.TPS-1212/1697/CR No.101/13/UD-12, dt.11thMarch, 2015 (published in Maharashtra Govt. Gazette on 13th March, 2015) has partly sanctioned the Development Plan for this Notified Area in accordance with section 31 of M.R and T.P. Act, 1966. Thereafter, the Govt. by its Notification no. TPS-1216/CR No.240/16/UD-12, dt. 9th May, 2017 & subsequent corrigendum dtd.13th June 2017 and Notification dtd.3rd June 2017 has sanctioned Excluded Part (EP) of Development Plan for the said Notified Area (Except EP-24 & EP 125).
The Draft Regional plan of MMR has identified four no. of growth Centres within the MMR region. The Growth centres are envisaged as integrated complexes with opportunities for office sector employment, research and development, educational and recreational facilities and the necessary housing and infrastructure. These Growth centre are proposed at locations that are served by Rail as well as Road networks.
The Growth Centre at Kalyan Taluka is one of the four Proposed Growth Centres identified as per the Draft Regional Plan of MMR. Accordingly, as per the list of Govt's important projects & the minutes of Hon. Chief Minister's War Room Meeting which includes the said proposed Growth Centre at Kalyan, MMRDA identified an area of approx. 1,089 Hectare to be developed as Growth Centre on the lines of Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) in Mumbai. This Growth Center envisages to create employment opportunities, better infrastructure in this area and connectivity with suburbs of Thane, Kalyan and Dombivali.
MMRDA in its 138th Authority Meeting held on 26/08/2015 vide Resolution No. 1340 has granted In-principle Approval to develop growth Centre in Kalyan Taluka (area approx. 1089 Ha.) through implementation of Town Planning Schemes (TPS).

B. Appointment of MMRDA as Special Planning Authority :

The Government Of Maharashtra by its Notification No. TPS.1215/941/CR-42/15/UD-12, dt. 30th April 2016, has retained the appointment of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority as a Special Planning Authority for an area (admeasuring approx. 1089 Ha) from the Villages Bhopar (Pt), Sandap, Usarghar (Pt), Gharivali (Pt), Mangaon (Pt), Hedutane (Pt), Kole, Katai (Pt), Nilaje (Pt) and Ghesar (Pt) of the said Notified Area.

Project Features

A. Land Area : Proposed Growth Centre consists of Villages Bhopar (Pt), Sandap, Usarghar (Pt), Gharivali (Pt), Mangaon (Pt), Hedutane (Pt), Kole, Katai (Pt), Nilaje (Pt) and Ghesar (Pt) admeasuring approximately 1089 Ha.

B. Location : Proposed Growth Centre is located within Kalyan-Dombivali Municipal Corporation and near Thane Municipal Corporation & Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Major land parcels in the proposed Growth Centre are vacant which have development potential.

C. Linkages : Proposed Growth Centre has good road linkages. State Highway 40 and State Highway 43 (Badlapur Pipeline road) are passing through the growth centre. Also Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC) and Multimodal Corridor (MMC- Alibaug to Virar) are passing through Growth Centre. Proposed MMC junction will also be inside the growth centre. Nilje Railway Station is the nearest Railway Station to the proposed Growth Centre.

Details Of Project

The scheme is under preparation.

  • Development Permissions in the proposed Growth Centre :
Any person who intends to carry out development and erect, re-erect or make alterations in any place in a building makes an application to MMRDA in the format given in the Handbook for Development Permissions in SPA areas of MMRDA accompanied by all documents, Bonds, Undertakings, NOCs, Plans and Statement etc. MMRDA scrutinizes the proposal in accordance with the applicable Development Control Regulations and all other applicable rules/regulations and statues. On compliance of all the requirements, MMRDA grants permission or refuses permission (by giving the reasons for such refusal in writing). MMRDA has issued 21 development permissions in this SPA area.
1. List of Notices/Notifications/Maps of 'Proposed Growth Centre' :
2.List of Notices/Notifications/Maps/DCR Sanctioned u/s 31 (Dt. 09/05/2017) (Sanctioned Excluded Part) :
3. List of Notices/Notifications/Maps/DCR Sanctioned/Published u/s 31 (Dt. 11/03/2015) :
4. List of Notices/Maps/DCR Published u/s 28(4) (Dt. 12/12/2012) :
5. List of Notices/Notifications/Maps/DCR/Report Published u/s 26 (Dt. 21/12/2011) :

Present Status

The Authority declared its Intention to prepare Town Planning Scheme No. 1 (admeasuring approx. 314 Ha.) located within Proposed Growth Centre at Kalyan Taluka under Section 60(1) of the M.R and T.P. Act, 1966 on 21st June, 2017. Thereafter, the Authority has declared its intention to add the remaining area of Growth Centre (Excluding area of Khoni-Antarli-Hedutane-Kole Integrated Township Project) in earlier Town Planning Scheme No. 1 under Section 62 of the M.R and T.P. Act, 1966 on 14th November, 2017.

MMRDA after carrying out the requisite tender procedure has awarded the consultancy work for preparation of Town Planning Scheme and other related work for the development of said Growth Centre to HCP Design, Planning & Management Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad (HCPDPM). Presently, the work of preparation of Draft Scheme for the Proposed Growth Centre area is in planning stage. .

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