Scanning & Digitization

Scanning & Digitization

MMRDA has decided to scan and digitize all its documents as a part of its e-Governance initiatives. For this purpose, M/s. Datamatics was selected via tendering process to scan, index and digitize the documents and deploy DMS solution for a period of 2 years in MMRDA for ease of retrieval of scanned documents. Scanning and Digitization documents has commenced from 21st January, 2013.
The main benefits of digitization of documents and DMS are :
  • Safeguards vital and irreplaceable records and documentation against disasters such as fire, flood etc. thus providing disaster management and recovery.
  • Relieves staff from the tedious task of bulk paper filing while intuitive additional tools would help streamline work processes even further.
  • Powerful filing flexibility i.e. the same document can be filed under several references such as Name, Document Number and Date - not possible with paper documents or computer files unless copies are made. This lays the foundation for a very effective retrieval tool. Indexing a document is an easier and simpler task than giving it a complex filename and having to save it to a particular named folder.
  • Integrating the filing of other electronic files as well as paper documents enables to achieve one consistent and logical filing and folder structure for all documents.
  • Paper and PC-generated files received from any source (Post, Email or Fax) are filed into one system. They can then be viewed or acted on by any user or users simultaneously across a network or web. The ability to share documents has several advantages :
    • Inter-divisional queries are resolved more effectively by reducing the time and physical effort required to communicate and move between departments.
    • The need to print or copy documents reduces dramatically, saving time and money.
    • Overcomes the danger of lost or mislaid files.
  • Availability of expensive floor space resulting in large cost savings.

Project Features

MMRDA has decided to scan and digitize all its documents as a part of its e-Governance initiatives.
The core functions and activities are described in detail below :
  1. Survey : An initial survey was conducted in every division to gather information on the type of documents, age of the document, page size etc.
  2. Clean : The documents are cleaned and fumigated wherever required to ensure a clear scanned image of the document.
  3. Scan & Capture : Scanners linked to PCs are installed on a network, allowing several workstations to scan a good number of pages. The Document Management systems facilitate the import of other electronic files, allowing consistent indexing of all records.
  4. DMS : Long-term and reliable document storage is provided through Document Management system. As a limitless archive, it accommodates growth and advancing technology. Proper back-up procedures ensure that documentation is far safer than it was in paper format.
  5. Indexing : The indexing structure within the DMS is significantly more effective and versatile than existing manual procedures and systems. All files have 15 fields of metadata so that the information in the file is identified easily without opening the file and thus saving time.
  6. Retrieve & OCR (Optical Character Recognition) : The search enables speedy retrieval of documents by searching for files using allotted index names (or parts of) or text within the document that is identified through OCR. OCR in the DMS provides results with up to around 60% accuracy.

Present Status

  • DMS Page retrieval less than 5 seconds per page
  • Colour and Back to Back Scanning in PDF-A format for file quality and longevity
Awards and Recognition :
  • 05.08.2014 : Information Week - Edge Award for Green Initiative - Document Management Solution

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