Water Supply Resource Management Cell

Water Supply Resource Management Cell

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has undertaken the project works of 403 MLD Surya Regional Water Supply Scheme to provide bulk water supply to western sub region of MMR which includes Municipal Corporation of Mira-Bhayander& Municipal Corporation of Vasai-Virar City including 27 villages within the western sub-region and rental housing projects of MMRDA.

Details of Project

The scheme consists of lifting of raw water from Kawadas pickup weir situated in Dahanu Taluka on the downstream of Surya dam. The lifted water will be conveyed to Water Treatment Plant located at Surya Nagar, in Village Veti. The treated water will be convey within the RoW of State Highway, ZP Road and National Highway No. 08 upto Mater Balancing Reservoirs (MBRs') of Vasai-Virar & Mira-Bhayander located at Kashidkopar & Ghodbunder Chene respectively. The further distribution will be managed by the concerned local bodies through their distribution system.

Functions of Division

WSRM Cell is responsible for Planning, Construction & Monitoring of below mentioned projects

Project Features

Name of Project - 403 MLD capacity Surya Regional Water Supply Scheme.

Source of Raw water - Surya Dam of GoM, at village Dhamani, Tal :Jawhar.

Components of Scheme:-

  • Intake Structure at Kawdas of capacity 432 MLD
  • Water treatment plant at Suryanagar of capacity  418 MLD
  • Clear Water Gravity Main (Pipeline): 80.71 Km
  • Tunnel at Mendhvankhind of length 1.7 Kms
  • Tunnel at Tungareshwar WLS of length  4.45Kms
  • Master Balancing Reservoir at Kashidkopar of 38 ML capacity (for VVCMC)
  • Master Balancing Reservoir at Chene of 45 ML capacity (for MBMC)


Sr. No.


Population as per Census 2011

Present Demand (MLD)

Present Supply (MLD)



Surya RWSS (MLD)


Vasai Virar City Municipal Corporation (VVCMC)

12.21 Lakhs



142 (61.82%)



Mira Bhayander Municipal Corporation(MBMC)

8.15 Lakhs



100 (52.38%)



403 (MLD)


Contract details:-

  1.  Accepted Tender Cost:-Rs. 1329.01 Cr. (including Operation and Maintenance cost)
  2. Project Contractor :- M/s. Larsen & Toubro Construction, Chennai
  3. Project Consultant :- M/s. Shah Technical Consultant Pvt Ltd. Consortium
  4. Date of Award of Contract :- 04.08.2017
  5. Initial Project Duration :- 34 months
  6. Date of Completion:- 15.04.2023 


GoM orders for Diversion & Re-diversion of Forest land in favour of MMRDA for Surya Water supply Project

Public Notice for Vasai Creek & Kaman River (905 kB) 

CRZ Approval for Vasai Creek & Kaman River :

Private Land Notifications :

Present Status


Sr  No. Work Component Scope Status of Work Progress in %
1 Intake Structure at Kawadas 432 MLD Civil work completed. Installation work of E&M equipment in progress 94%
2 Water Treatment Plant 418 MLD Civil works of all structuresare in progress 82%
3 Break Pressure Tank(at WTP Premises) 1.035 ML Civil works completed 96%
4 Pipe laying works Length Diameter    
A Intake to WTP 2.35 km 2.235 m ɸ 1.7 km Completed 72%
B BPT to Kashidkopar Junction 55.52 km 2.235 m ɸ 52.6 km completed 94%
C Kashidkopar to Chenne 22.84 km 1.829 m ɸ 4.3 km completed 19%
5 Underground Tunnels - 4 Nos. Length Diameter    
A Mendwandkhind Tunnel (For crossing of NH-08) 1.7 km 2.85 m ɸ Fully Completed 100%
B Tungareshwar WLS Tunnel(For crossing of TWLS) 4.45 km 2.85 m ɸ 1.55 km completed 35%
C Vasai Creek Tunnel 0.9 km 2.0 m ɸ No work started  
D Kaman Creek Tunnel 0.250 km 2.0 m ɸ Pilling work in progress at inlet shaft. 8%
6 Master Balancing Reservoirs – 2 Nos. Capacity    
A Kashidkopar MBR(For VVCMC) 38 ML Excavation work in progress 35%
B Chene MBR(For MBMC) 45 ML Excavation works completed. Preparation of base raft in progress 20%


Photo Gallery

Intake Structure at Kawadas


Water Treatment Plant at Suryanagar


Laying works of pipeline


Mendhvankhind Tunnel