Water Supply Resource Management Cell

Water Supply Resource Management Cell

As an outcome of Dr. Chitale Committee's Report about study and identification of water supply resources for MMR, it was decided in the year 2009 that MMRDA should undertake the development of identified water resources to meet the demand of drinking and industrial water supply of ULBs in the MMR.
The MMRDA has accordingly undertaken the works of development of Kalu water supply project for Eastern Sub-region and implementation of Surya Regional Water Supply Scheme for Western Sub-region. MMRDA has obtained administrative approval for expenditure of these projects.
The Water Resource Department in Government of Maharashtra has allocated 403 MLD (Million Litres per Day) water from Surya dam located at Village - Dhamani, District - Palghar for the drinking water purpose. MMRDA has proposed a Regional Water Supply Scheme for providing 403 MLD to MBMC( 218 MLD) & VVCMC (185 MLD) water supply.


Organization Chart

Functions of Division

WSRM Cell is responsible for Planning, Construction & Monitoring of below mentioned projects