Regional Plan

Regional Plan

MMRDA was established for implementation of the Regional Plan and for Planning, Development and Co-ordination of Development within MMR. Mumbai Metropolitan Region was delineated and the first Regional Plan for Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) was sanctioned in 1973. After considering various planning aspects, the Authority prepared the revised Regional Plan for the period 1996-2011 which was sanctioned by the State Government on 23rd September, 1999 and it came into force with effect from 1st December, 1999. Implementation of the Regional Plan for MMR (1996-2011) is in progress. As per Metropolitan Planning Committee (MPC) Act, 1999, revision of Regional Plan will be carried out by the MPC and MMRDA will assist it in the task.

Project Features

The Regional Plan for MMR, 1996-2011
The first Regional Plan for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region was sanctioned in 1973. As a part of its statutory responsibility, the MMRDA undertook revision of the Regional Plan taking into account the changes occurring in the population, economy and physical developments in the region. The existing land use survey was carried out using remote sensing techniques. On that basis urban sprawl maps, existing land use maps and urban land use zoning maps for the Region were prepared. The MMRDA also conducted a Multi-purpose Household Survey in the region on sample basis. The survey, which also included houseless and institutional population, provides valuable data on household profiles and living conditions of the people. All the spatial and attribute data were organized under a GIS.
Land-use proposals for future growth in the Region were formulated by integrating the results of various studies, and the Draft Regional Plan for 1996-2011 was prepared both in English and Marathi languages. Draft Regional Plan was published on the 15th January, 1996. After following due procedure, the Regional Plan for 1996-2011 was approved by the Government in September, 1999.
As per the Metropolitan Planning Committee Act, 1999, it is the responsibility of the Mumbai Metropolitan Planning Committee (MMPC) to revise the Regional Plan. The MMPC, with the assistance of MMRDA, has now initiated the process of revision of Regional Plan for MMR, 2011 - 2031.
Note: Development Control Regulation for MMR, 1999 with Map is available on sale. Please contact the Planning Division for further details.
Implementation of Regional Plan
As per the sanctioned Regional Plan for MMR, 1996-2011, the following types of regional cases are processed -
  • The remarks for Land use change (zone change) requests in Regional Plan for MMR referred by Urban Development Department, GoM.
  • Interpretation and condonation (in case of genuine hardship) in the provisions in DCR for MMR, 1999 received from ADTP, Thane and Raigad.
  • The guidance and clarification about the land use plan of Regional Plan referred by Government, District Collectors, Town Planning Department of GoM or any other government authorities etc.
  • The Concurrence for the developments in MMR as mentioned in the regulation no. 15.3.3 of DCR for MMR, 1999 such as Mining projects, Thermal Power Stations, Hydro-power and Major Irrigation Projects, Development Ports and Harbors, Exploration of major minerals, Quarrying of stone, murum, earth and sand dredging, Development of Holiday Resorts / Homes, Hotels, amusement parks, Motels in G zone and RT zone, Large Scale Residential, Commercial and Industrial development, Development of Film and Video shooting sites etc.
  • NOC's for allotment of government land in MMR referred by Revenue Department, GoM.
  • Remarks regarding the locational clearance to the proposed Special Township Projects in MMR referred by Urban Development Department, GoM.
  • The Certificate about the locational confirmation in MMR as per the request of government authorities, educational institutions, etc.

Present Status

3rd Regional Plan (2014-2034)
3rd Regional Plan for MMR Region (2014-2034) under process.

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