Mithi River Development Works

Mithi Odour Control

Development of suburban areas along Mithi River in last 25 years has drastically degraded water quality of Mithi River. Mithi River used to serve as an important storm water drain but has been reduced to a sewer over the years. Mithi River is being used by locals to dump raw sewage, industrial and municipal waste. Today the river is full of sludge, garbage and vegetation growth. This has resulted in contamination and stagnation of water which is the prime reason for mosquito's menace and stench emanation along the entire stretch of the river.

Mithi Odour Control

A pilot project is being undertaken in 3.5 Km stretch between Vakola Nalla and Kala-Nagar junction (1 km in Vakola Nalla & 2.5 Km in Mithi River) to remove the foul odours emanating from Mithi River. The project intends to improve qualitative parameters of Mithi waters (e.g. DO, BOD & COD) which are generally responsible for degradation of any water body. The technology is based on the Bioremediation measures to remove the pollutants which are basically organic in nature from the polluted water. In this project odour control is being carried out through Bioremediation by adding a live Bacteria namely Persnickety-713 proportionately to the sewage discharged in to the river on daily basis.

Parameters are to be achieved as given below

Project Features
Parameters Levels Remarks
Dissolved Oxygen > 2.0 mg/l This value should be achievable even in low tide (measurement at 3 places in a given transect)
Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand < 50 mg/l -- do --
Chemical Oxygen Demand 100-150 mg/l -- do --
NH3 < 400 Microgram / M3 Measured on 4 hrly average at 10 m distance from river bank. Measured for 24 hrly average.
Sediment locations Reduction of sediment level : 20 % after 3 months The biological sediment must reduce due to intervention and should be shown to have reduced in atleast 5-6 locations (critical areas)


Project Cost: Rs. 5.90 Cr.

The work order after inviting global bids was issued on 23/9/2011 to lowest bidder M/s. J.M. Enviro Technologies Pvt. Ltd. In addition to this work, the contractor, has installed a floating jetty and purchased two boats to spray manually at the opposite bank of Mithi River for the effectiveness of the treatment and also installed manually operated ‘Debris Collection Mechanism' on each of the boats. During day at high tide, a large quantity of floating garbage and Hyacinth weeds (which are seen in monsoon season) are being collected with the help of Debris Collection Device fitted to the boats.

With the help of these above said, and the mentioned additional provisions, it is seen that the qualitative parameters of Mithi (DO, COD & BOD) are within achievable limits.

The project duration is 3 years. The water samples from Mithi river is being tested at the laboratories of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, Veermata Jijabai Technical Institute (VJTI) on regular basis. The test result shows the process of odour control of Mithi River is going in the right direction.

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