Balasaheb Thackeray Rashtriya Smarak

Date:- 05/06/2023
1) Name of Project Construction of Balasaheb Thackeray Rashtriya Smarak at Mayor’s Bungalow premises at Dadar, Mumbai.
Phase -I Construction of Entrance Block Building, Artist center, Interpretation building and Conservation of Mayor’s building into a museum by preserving the cultural heritage of mayor’s residential building as well as and landscaping, beautification of the surrounding area, etc.
Phase -II Technology, Laser Show, Singe and Branding, Digital Mapping Projection, Narrative, Story Telling, Film, Virtual Reality, Audio Visual and Technological Component For the Museum narrative etc.
2) Administrative Approval Department of Urban Development, Government of Maharashtra Decision no. MRD -2018/Q.No.147/Navi-7, Date. 16 Marach, 2021 ₹. 400 Cr. (Phase I – ₹. 250 Cr. and Phase II- ₹. 150 Cr.)
3) Administrative approval of the authority Administrative approval for the cost of ₹. 400 Cr. was granted vide Resolution No. 1572 for Phase I & II works in the 151th MMRDA Authority meeting held on 16th November 2021.
4) Budget Provision Authority budget provision for the year 2023-2024 is ₹. 242.37 Cr.
5) PMC and Work order date M/s. Abha Narain Lambah Associates, (Work order Date -21/07/2020)
6) Consultancy Tender Fees and Amount With respect to cost put to tender 3.50%, ₹. 6.47 Cr. For Phase- I work
7) Phase - I Cost put to tender Phase -I EPC Tender Cost – ₹. 184.87 Cr. (Excluding GST)
8) Phase -I Contractor, work order date and Tendered Cost Tata Projects Ltd. (work order date - 24/03/2021)
Tendered Cost – ₹.180.99Cr. (Excluding GST)
9) Duration of work 14 months and stipulated date of Completion 23/05/2022
10) First extension for Phase-I The 1st Extension period granted up to 31/03/2023 has expired and
2nd Extension is in process up to Aug’2023.
11) Scope of Work Phase -I work comprising of
• Restoration of the Mayor’s Bungalow.
Existing building structure having area of 602.39 Sqm
1. Under heritage conservation, civil & electrical work to be carried out for internal & external part of the building Displays of photos & graphics for understanding life story during various locations of Balasaheb Thackeray.
2. Family history from birth to destination of Balasaheb Thackeray.
3. Information from establishment to till date of Shivsena Political party.
4. Political journey of Balasaheb Thackeray.
5. Newspaper, caricature and caricature information details.
• Construction of Interpretation Centre
Area of building is 1530.44 Sqm. Proposed building is plinth - 1 storied basement structure in RCC. The faculties provided as below-
1. Building comprising of museum at the basement with the galleries comprising of components of Balasaheb Thackeray’s life
2. Library
3. Artist centre
4. Toilet for Ladies, Gents & handicapped is provided and staircase with elevator.
5. Electric Control Room
• Construction of Entrance Block Building
Area of proposed building is 3099.84 Sqm. Proposed building is (Ground - 2 storied Basement floor)
The facilities provided as below-
1. Multipurpose hall
2. Security Control Room
3. Toilets Block (For Ladies & Gents)
4. Basement parking & car lift for shifting of cars.
• Construction of Admin Block Building.
Proposed building is Ground Floor Storey structure with MT roof having area 639.70 Sqm.
The faculties provided as below-
1. Artist centre
2. Canteen
3. Toilets (For Ladies & Gents)
4. Hon’ble Secretary BTRS Trust office
• Landscaping and gardening
After deducting the Mayor’s residence and other aforesaid building from the 3.00 acre plot of land, it is proposed to beautify the rest of the plot by creating a garden.
Phase II- work comprising of
Technology, Laser Show, Digital Mapping Projection, Narrative, Storey Telling, Film, Virtual Reality, Audio Visual and Technological Component For the Museum narrative.
12) Present Status Phase -I
• Under the heritage conservation of the Mayor's Bungalow building, the old roof has been completely removed, Renovation of new roof work completed. The work of internal Finishing work is in progress. Mayor’s Bungalow building 71.40% work completed.
• Interpretation building work of first and second level rafts slabs completed, Plaza level slab and retaining wall concreting work completed. Interpretation building 76.00% work completed.
• Entrance Block work of First level and second level raft slabs completed. Entrance Block 75.50% work completed.
• Admin block RCC work, Brick work, Gypsum work and Internal Finishing work completed. Admin Block 99.00% work completed.
Phase -II
A consultant has been appointed by the Department of Information and Technology to prepare the project report and the process of appointing a contractor is in progress.
13) Expenditure Done till date (04/06/2023) Total Expenditure done - ₹. 159.19 Cr.
These expenses include the statutory permission, contractor's Payment, consultant Payment and reimbursement of expenses from Balasaheb Thackeray National Memorial Trust etc.
14) Progress of Project For Phase – I Work
1) Physical Progress – 82.00%
2) Financial Progress – 78.29%