Transport & Communications

Transport & Communications

Dr. DLN Murthy
Dr. DLN Murthy
Chief , (Addl.Charge )
Transport & Communications
Transport and Communications is the oldest and important division in the Authority. The Transport and Communications Division has always been at the forefront of the Development of Transport Infrastructure in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
The Division prepares Project Preparatory reports such as feasibility Reports and Detailed Project Reports required for the implementation of major projects such as Metro rail, Mono rail, Roads, Highways, etc. This division also implements short and medium term traffic measures.
Currently, the division is handing projects and works like Nariman Point – Colaba Bridge, Funicular Railway, Integrated Ticketing System, Pedestrian Suspension Bridge, Vehicular Bridge, Multi-Modal Integration and FOB at Metro Stations, Signage, Road Marking and other road safety measures.
Transport and Communications Division has been continuously coordinating with various departments in the field of urban transport in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
Transport and Communications Division assists Unified Mumbai Metropolitan Transport Authority in planning, implementing and institutional strengthening proposals for Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in Mumbai Metropolitan Region. This division also coordinates with the concerned agencies to tackle the transport challenges through integrated and complementary schemes and initiatives.
The projects / works undertaken by this Division are as follows:
    1. Comprehensive Transport Study and its periodic updation
    2. Access Control Study of WEH.
    3. Mumbai Metro Master Plan
    4. Metro Line - 1 Versova - Andheri - Ghatkopar related works
    5. Metro Line - 8 (Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport - Navi Mumbai International Airport) (Detailed Project Report)
    6. Metro Line - 13 (Bhayander-Virar) (Detailed Project Report)
    7. Metro Line - 14 (Vikhroli-Badlapur) (Detailed Project Report)
    8. Metro Line - 5 Thane - Bhiwandi - Kalyan (Detailed Project Report)
    9. Monorail (Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk - Wadala - Chembur)
    10. Interstate Bus Terminal, Wadala
    11.Integrated Ticketing System in Mumbai Metropolitan Region.
    12. Urban Ropway (Borivali to Gorai)
    13.Funicular Railway at Matheran
    14.Pedestrian Suspension Bridge (Bandra-Kurla Complex (E-Block) to Maharashtra Nature Park)
    15.Multi Modal Integration at Metro Stations (Metro 2A and Metro 7)
    16.Automatic Rapid Transit System in BKC
    17.Commercial Development of Wadala Depot.
    18.Assisting Unified Mumbai Metropolitan Transport Authority (UMMTA)

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Functions of Division

The primary function of Transport & Communications Division is overall Transport Planning, Designing, Funding and Implementation of selected transport infrastructure projects. Surveys and studies in transport sector, carrying out traffic impact assessment studies for MMR as and when directed by Government, advising Government on transport related issues.
This division implements small scale Traffic improvement proposals, Junction improvements, Landscaping & Beautification of junctions etc. and Implementation of Multimodal Integration proposals of Mumbai Metro Lines Stations.

Project List

  • Updation of CTS (Comprehensive Transportation Study) 
  • Western Express Highway - Access Control Study 
  • Eastern Express Highway - Cycle track and Junction Improvement 
  • Urban Transport Fund 
  • MTHL Dispersal & Worli-Sewri Dispersal 
  • Bridge Connecting Nariman Point to Colaba 
  • Multi Modal Integration Metro Line - 2A&7
  • FOBs at Metro Line -7 Stns 
  • Signage on Western Express Highway, Eastern Express Highway & Bandra Kurla Complex 
  • Road Markings Western Express Highway, Eastern Express Highway & Bandra Kurla Complex 
  • Road Signage & Marking at Wadala & Oshiwara 
  • Bandra Kurla Complex Pedestrian Bridge 
  • Western Express Highway Cycle Track 
  • Multi Modal Integration for Metro Line -4&4A
  • Multi Modal Integration for Metro Line - 7A & 9 (11Stns.)
  • Multi Modal Integration for Metro Line 2B (20 Stns.)
  • Multi Modal Integration for Metro Line 6 (13 Stns.)
  • Metro Line-1 Related works
  • Metro Line -5 Extension-DPR
  • DPR of Metro Line -8 From CSMIA Airport to Mankhurd
  • DPR of Metro Line -13 Mira Bhayander to Virar 
  • Metro Line -14 Kanjurmarg - Badlapur
  • Funicular Matheran Railway
  • Automated Rapid Transit System in Bandra Kurla Complex (ARTS)
  • Statistical Publication

Workshop 2017

International Workshop on Multimodal Transportation Planning & Integration - Best Practices and Technologies (Smart Cities)

Presentations of FTA Workshop :

  • Day 1 Presentations
  1. IT Centre, Ministry of Transport, Mumbai - Applications of ITS in urban transportation management - Vietnam (5.70 MB) 
  2. Mr. Dai Thang Bui - Ho Chi Minh City's Public Transport - Vietnam (1.45 MB) 
  3. Mr. Suon Vanhong - Urban Transport System in Cambodia - Cambodia (2.19 MB) 
  4. Mr. Dai Thang Bui - Development Strategy for Ho Chi Minh City's Public Transport System- Vietnam (2.70 MB) 
  5. Mr. R. Siriwardhane Transportation Workshop on Multimodal Transportation Planning Best Practices and Integration Technologies - Sri Lanka (740 kB) 
  6. Mr. Sajeesh Kumar. N - India's Smart Cities - India (3.49 MB) 
  7. U.S. Department of Transportation Office of the Assistant Secretary - Integrating Emerging Technologies into Multimodal Planning Introduction - USA (6.89 MB) 
  8. Mr. Saroj Kumar Pradhan - Initiatives of Multimodal Transportation Planning in Kathmandu Valley - Nepal (4.14 MB) 
  • Day 2 Presentations
  1. Dr. Rohit Baluja - Institute of Road Traffic Education - India (11.4 MB) 
  2. Mr. Neel Paliwal, AVP - IT, DIMTS - Innovative Technology Application Innovative Applications - Data Analytics and Mobile apps in Bus Operations - India (8.70 MB) 
  3. Mr. Ramakanth Jha - Transportation Elements of Smart City - India (701 kB) 
  4. Mr. Mandar Patwardhan - Digital technologies opening up new frontiers for multimodal transportation systems - India (1.53 MB) 
  5. Mr. Ashish Chandra - Emerging Technologies in Integrated Ticketing (8.67 MB) 
  6. Ms. Faith Hall - Encouraging Innovation through Discretionary Programs - USA (2.88 MB) 
  7. Mr. Vishal Kapadia - Eyewatch Technologies Monorail Women Security APP - India (3.07 MB) 
  8. Prof. H.M. Shivanand Swamy - Integrated Transit - AhmEdabad - India (17.3 MB) 
  9. Mr. William M. Lyons and Mr. Russell Glynn - Integrating Emerging Technologies into Multimodal Planning: Examples of Metro Areas and Trends - USA (1.02 MB) 
  10. Mr. Ram Kandarpa - ITS in Smart Cities - USA (3.57 MB) 
  11. Ms. Marla Westervelt - Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority - USA (617 kB) 
  12. Mr. Ron Boenau - Session on "Hardware, Software, andthe Role of Big Data in Smart Cities" - USA (973 kB) 
  13. Prof. Tom Mathew - Hardware, Software, and the Role of Big Data - IIT Mumbai, India (7.64 MB) 
  14. Mr. Vikhram Singhal - Presentation on Ropeway - Doppelmayr - India (7.45 MB) 
  15. Dr. S.L. Dhingra - Planning for Smart, Beautiful, Livable & Travel Free Cities with Sustainable Infrastructure - IIT Mumbai - India (14.3 MB) 
  16. ITS in Smart Cities - Safety Section (83.3 MB) 
  17. Mobility Section (68.4 MB) 
  • Day 3 Presentations
  1. Mr. Vidyadhar Phatak - TOD Attempts in Mumbai - India (5.01 MB) 
  2. Mr. Sree Kumar. K and Mr. Dhawal Ashar - New Agenda for People Centric Mobility - India (41.1 MB) 
  3. Mr. Dhawal Asher - Smart City MMRDA - India (22.6 MB) 
  4. DOT Exercise Cards Workshop (188 kB)