Eastern Freeway

Eastern Freeway

The Authority has undertaken this important 16.9 km long Eastern Freeway Project considering the present situation, future traffic and other transportation demands. Thousands of commuters travelling from South Mumbai towards Thane-Nashik and Panvel-Pune will not only be able to save on travel time but also save fuel on completion of the project. This will also help clear traffic congestion in the Island city.
The Project is divided in 3 parts -
Part-I: Eastern Freeway – Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalay to Anik Junction (Elevated corridor)
The First part of the Freeway runs from SV Patel junction on P D'Mello Road and meets Anik-Panjarpol Link Road via Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT). The road is being constructed on elevated corridor after considering the demand from MbPT so as to enable faster movement of heavy traffic towards MbPT. The 9.29 km long Eastern Freeway 17.2 m wide will offer 2+2 lanes.
Part-II: Anik-Panjarpol Link Road
Anik-Panjarpol Link Road is the second part of the Eastern Freeway Project. This begins from Anik in Wadala and ends at Panjarpol Junction on the Sion-Panvel Link Road. There will be five bridges, 3 underpasses, 2 tunnels and 1 foot over bridge on this 4.3 km road. This also includes elevated as well as on ground 4+4 lane concretized road.
Part-III: Panjarpol-Ghatkopar Link Road
The entirely elevated Panjarpol-Ghatkopar Link Road is the third part of the Eastern Freeway Project. It starts from Panjarpol Junction on the Sion-Panvel Link Road and culminates at Chembur-Mankhurd Link Road via Tukaram Patil Marg. This link road is 3 km long, 17.2 mtr. Wide and will provide 2+2 lanes.

Project Features

1. Total length: 16.60 km
2. Out of 16.60 km, length of 9.29 km is elevated segmental corridor between S.V. Patel Chowk on P.D'Mello Road and Bhakti Park, second longest in the city. Another length of 2.5 km elevated corridor between Panjarpole to Govandi ROB is with 22mtr tall piers
3. 4 Bridges
4. 4+4 lane, 500m long twin tunnel, which is first of its kind in Mumbai City
5. This project consists of all components of Civil Engineering which includes segmental elevated construction, creek bridges, flyovers, Railway Over Bridge and tunnel
6. The project offers the following benefits:
  • Designed for 100km/hr speed, signal free link
  • Designed for heavy multiaxle vehicular traffic
  • One can reach Southern Mumbai within15-20 minutes from Ghatkopar on Eastern Express Highway and from Chembur on Sion-Panvel road
  • Lower operating cost/transportation cost for vehicles
  • Facilitate cargo growth and expanding container facilities in Mumbai Port

Details of Project

1. Cost of the Project :
Part-I - S.V.Patel Junction to Start of Anik Panjarpole Link Road (APLR):
9.29 km elevated road from S.V. Patel Junction to Start of APLR:- According to the sanctioned tender, the cost of this project is Rs.531.00 crores. Considering the extended scope, expected cost will be Rs.749.00 crores (price escalation & other extra works).
The cost shares for this project by Government of India, Govt. of Maharashtra under JNNURM are Rs.117 crores and 51 crores respectively.
Part-II - Anik Panjarpole link Road (APLR) :
According to the sanctioned tender, the cost of this project is Rs.221.00 crores for length 4.5 Kms. comprising of 500 meter twin tunnel, flyovers, bridges, and at grade road.
Part-III From Panjarpole Junction. to Chembur Mankhurd Link Road (CMLR) :
According to the sanctioned tender, the cost of this project is Rs.168.00 crores and the revised cost is Rs.293.87 crore for length 3.0 km comprising 2+2 lane elevated road. (Increase in cost is due to an increase in scope of work and price escalation).
2. Traffic Survey :
Projected Peak Hour Traffic on Eastern Freeway (in PCU) as per Traffic Surveys and Analysis, September 2006.
Section Name 2008 2011 2021
I Museum - GPO - Carnac Bunder 2892 3087 3837
II Carnac Bunder - Wadi Bunder 2783 2971 3693
III Wadi Bunder - Victoria Bridge 4528 4833 6008
IV Victoria Bridge - Sweri 5140 5487 6821
V Sewri - Anik 2640 2818 3503
VI Anik - Panjarpol Junction 3402 3631 4514
VII Panjarpol Junction - Ghatkopar 2805 2994 3722
3. Kind of Technology employed to implement the project :
  • Precast segmental girder construction, supported on pier with pile foundation
  • 1 twin tunnel (500 m long) and 1 foot over bridge
  • Erection activity carried out by 7 Nos. of Launching Trusses
4. MMRDA Officers, Project Management Consultants & Key Contractors Associated with Construction of Eastern Freeway :
Shri. U.P.S. Madan,
Metropolitan Commissioner
Shri. Sanjay Khandare,
Additional Metropolitan Commissioner
Shri. P.D. Mamdapure,
Part - I
S.V. Patel Jn. to Anik (Elevated Corridor)
Part - II
Anik to Panjarpole Jn.
Shri. A.P. Nagargoje,
Shri. A.P. Nagargoje, Superintending Engineer
Shri. J.R. Dhane,
Executive Engineer
Shri. M.V. Jaitpal,
Executive Engineer
Shri. A.B. Dhabe,
Deputy Engineer-I
Shri. G.D. Rathod,
Deputy Engineer-I
Shri. B.W. Biradar,
Deputy Engineer-II
Project Management Consultants
Consulting Engineering Services (I) Pvt. Ltd STUP Consultant Pvt. Ltd
Simplex Infrastructure Ltd. Madhucon Projects Ltd
5. Challenges Faced :
  • Transfer of land from various Government agencies like MbPT, Salt pan and Customs
  • Huge and various underground utilities
  • 5500 structures rehabilitated including 30 Religious structures
  • Environmental clearance
  • Diversion of Forest land for non forest activities
  • Railway permission
  • Restricted working hours in Mumbai Port Trust area
  • Shifting of TATA pylons
  • Erection of segments at a 13 m height, across the existing 100 year old Victoria over bridge
  • Erection of segments at 22 m height to avoid clashes with proposed Metro Line-II construction below

Present Status

  1. Eastern Freeway Part-I (Elevated Road) & Part-II opened for trafic since 14th June 2013.
  2. Two Bridges across Mahul Creek (near Bhakti Park) joining Eastern Freeway & Anik-Wadala Link Road opened for traffic since 5th April 2014.
  3. Eastern Freeway Part-III opened for traffic since 16th June 2014.

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