Mono PIU

Mono PIU

Shri. Madhukar Kharat
Shri. Madhukar Kharat
COO, Mono – PIU

The decision to introduce Monorail, as a feeder service to the Mass Rapid Transit System and cater to crowded and narrow areas was taken in September, 2008 by the Authority. The 20 km long corridor from Chembur – Wadala - Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk is not only Mumbai's but India's first Monorail project.

MMRDA appointed M/s. RITES as a consultant for preparation of Techno-Economic feasibility report as well as providing assistance in Bid process management. The Techno – Economic and Financial Feasibility study for the project was completed by M/s. RITES and a notification dated 4th November, 2008 was published by Government of Maharashtra for implementation of the project under Tramway Act. Through global bidding M/s. Larsen & Toubro and Scomi Engineering, Bhd Malaysia (LTSE) consortium was appointed as contractor for the execution of the project. The cost of the project was Rs. 2,460 cr. (excluding taxes) and has been divided into two phases. While the first phase from Wadala to Chembur is 8.8km long and the second phase comprises of 11.20 km from Wadala to Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk. The work on Phase-I i.e. Wadala to Chembur was completed and opened for public on 2nd February, 2014.

As, M/s. LTSE failed miserably to complete and commission the Monorail project in time; MMRDA in the larger public interest terminated the contract and took over systems and operations on 14th December 2018. The Second Phase Wadala to Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk (11.20 km) was opened for public on 4th March, 2019.

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Functions of Division

Monorail Project Implementation Unit (Mono-PIU) of MMRDA is looking after the Operations & Maintenance and Management of Monorail project. Presently, the Mono-PIU is divided into 7 departments and 13 sub departments which are looking after different activities of the Monorail system. Following are list of the departments:




Sub Department



Operations, Security, Safety &

RST Maintenance (Mechanical & Electrical)



Signaling, Communications, AFC & IT



Civil & Electrical


HR & Admin






Project   Planning &


Procurement, Store & Legal



Fare Box & Non-Fare Box revenue

The staffs in above departments are deployed in 8 hours shifts. The availability of the manpower needs to be 24x7 as per the requirement of the Operation and Maintenance of the systems.

The major & key functions carried under Mono-PIU are as summarized below:

  1. Operation & Maintenance of Monorail system which includes RST, Beam Switch, DEQ, Signaling, Communications, OCC, Station Operations, Safety, Security, commercial etc.
  2. Repair & Maintenance of Monorail Infrastructures like Civil & Electrical.
  3. Procurement of spare parts & consumables, equipment's, assets and various parts of different systems of Monorail.
  4. Deployment & management of various manpower required for O&M of Monorail.
  5. Non-fair box revenue generation through existing monorail assets &infrastructure.
  6. Financial & legal matters related to Monorail.

Details of Project

Corridor details

Phase I (Wadala-Chembur) - 8.8 km

Phase II (Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk-Wadala) - 11.20 km 

Date of Commencement - 14th November, 2008

Train Composition - 4 cars

Commencement of service -

Phase 1 – 02 February 2014

Phase 2 – 04 March 2019 Total Length - 20 Km

Total Stations - 17 Depot - Wadala Travel Time - 45 Min.

Max. Passenger Capacity - 564 Passengers/Train 

Fare Structure - Rs. 10 to Rs. 40

Working Hours - 0530 Hrs. - 2330 Hrs.

Daily Ridership - 18,000 - 19,000 Passengers 

Design Speed - 80 KMPH

Scheduled Speed - 31 KMPH

Present Status

Currently Mumbai Monorail is Operating Transportation services for Public from Chembur – Wadala – Sant Gadge Maharaj Chowk with total Length of Corridor of 20 KM.

Fare Structure


GMC - Gadge Maharaj Chauk LOP - Lower Parel         MIC - Mint Colony    AMN- Ambedkar Nagar

NAI - Nai Gaon

DAE - Dadar East

WAB - Wadala Bridge

AAN - Acharya Aatre Nagar

ANH - Antop Hill

GTB - Guru Teg Bahadur Nagar

WAD - Wadala Depot

BHP-Bhakti Park

MYC - Mysore Colony

BHA - Bharat Petroleum

FET - Fertilizer Township

VRJ - VR Junction   CHR - Chembur


Photo Gallery

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